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Is your file server ready for the new way of work?

Hybrid work has become the new normal, yet many organizations still struggle to provide remote file access conveniently and securely. Growing SMBs need an easy-to-manage file server they can flexibly adjust as their business changes.

Common challenges in business file management

Failure to meet remote access requirements and security policies

Many enterprises use VPN connections to access SMB folders remotely. These solutions, however, often add to the burden of IT admins and leave the system vulnerable, as they are difficult to update, maintain, and secure through 2-factor authentication. While public cloud services offer a solution, the long-term cumulative cost of user subscriptions can be prohibitive, especially for SMBs with limited IT budgets.

Lack of flexibility when it comes to meeting cross-site offices' growing needs

Globalization has increased the file syncing and sharing needs of companies operating across multiple sites. In this changing environment, relying solely on VPN connections for remote access isn't sustainable in the long run, especially as IT departments need to spend more time managing the VPN infrastructure and allocate more budget for multiplying subscription fees.

Limited monitoring capabilities and ineffective countermeasures

Cyberattacks targeting businesses working remotely are surging. IT managers, however, find it difficult to monitor the status of traditional file servers remotely and in real time, especially while operating via LAN. This makes troubleshooting and resource allocation a challenge in the face of disaster, putting service availability and data security at risk.

Meet Synology Drive, a private cloud for modern office environments

Synology Drive is a license-free file server solution that runs on Synology NAS. It equips businesses with a complete set of tools for file management and collaboration, meeting their needs for remote productivity and service security.

Synology Drive

Web portal for regular users

Synology Drive Admin Console

Admin configuration

Synology Drive ShareSync

Cross-site file syncing

Synology Drive Server


Synology Drive

Web browser
Access, sharing & collaboration

Synology Drive Client

Desktop Agent
Computer syncing & backup

Synology Drive

Mobile APP
View and share files

Synology Drive ShareSync

Synology NAS
Cross-site file syncing

Cross-device access for a seamless experience

Enable users to access and share files from the web browser, the mobile app, and the desktop client. Those who prefer to use File Explorer can synchronize data between their device and the server in real time with Synology Drive Client, unlocking all the benefits of a private cloud without giving up on their habits.

License-free file management and collaboration

Make file management and sharing as easy as secure through an intuitive interface and granular permission settings. Synology Drive also integrates with Synology Office, the online collaboration suite that boosts team productivity through concurrent editing of documents, spreadsheets, and slides.  Learn more

License-free file management and collaboration

Secure file access and sharing permissions

Synology Drive protects against the traditional vulnerabilities of SMB systems. Enhance account security by enabling passwordless authentication through the Secure SignIn app, requiring users to sign in from a trusted device or with a hardware security key. Ensure the security of sensitive data through access permissions, passwords, and expiration dates for sharing links.

Secure file access and sharing permissions

Cross-site synchronization for increased productivity

Syncing data across multiple Synology NAS with Synology Drive ShareSync or Hybrid Share, Synology’s hybrid cloud solution, enables employees at branch offices to access files fast from a NAS server near them. File copies stored on other Drive servers or in data centers also provide a fast recovery option if disaster strikes. Learn more

Easy integration with existing environments

Easy integration with existing environments

Support for Windows AD, Azure AD, and LDAP means that employees can access their files by signing in with familiar user credentials. Empower IT admins with real-time monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities thanks to the detailed server status information, sharing records, and audit logs available in the centralized management console.

Easy integration with existing environments

More than 1 million users worldwide rely on Synology Drive as their hybrid file server solution

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