Business Backup Case Competition

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With one or a combination of the scenarios below, submit your story of how your businesses have embraced data protection practices by adopting Synology solutions! Participants who write the best stories can win prizes including the newest Synology NAS model.

Endpoint Backup
Scenario 1

Endpoint Backup

SaaS Backup
Scenario 2

SaaS Backup

NAS Backup
Scenario 3

NAS Backup

Virtual Machine Backup
Scenario 4

Virtual Machine Backup

How to Enter

With graphics and descriptions (a minimum of 600 words), choose one of the following options to submit your business backup story

Option 1

Upload your file
(in pdf, txt, pptx, or docx form)

Option 2

You may share the link to a shared doc from Synology Drive, Dropbox, Google Docs, or Microsoft Office 365, and make sure your content is viewable online.

Judging Criteria



The story should be clear and informative. Since IT environments are often complex, additional visual materials, such as system topologies, flowcharts, and other visual aids (including photos of the setup) will help make your content become more awesome.


Background & Technical Implementation

What was the problem that needed to be solved? What was previously used? Which Synology solutions did you use to resolve these issues? The description of the environment, challenges faced, and solutions used should be accurate and detailed.



What did you learn after setting this up? What were the results? Do you have any statistics that you can show? What are your suggestions to Synology and other users? Share your expertise!

Campaign Details


  • DS920+
  • 1 year 1TB C2 Storage
  • Surveillance Licenses x 4


  • Submissions begin on 3rd August, 2021 - 00:00 UTC+10
  • Submissions due on 23rd August, 2021 - 23:59 UTC+10
  • The competition is only open to valid residents of Australia and New Zealand


  • Prize winners will be announced via Synology’s official eNews (Names and emails to be partially masked)
  • Prize winners will also be contacted privately via email

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