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An up-to-date surveillance system helps to protect your people and assets, but finding the right solution without hindering business growth is often difficult.

Common challenges businesses face

Limited camera support

Traditional Network Video Recorder (NVR) vendors offer limited support for third-party cameras and devices, making it complicated and costly to update or replace existing setups.

Low storage scalability

Many NVRs offer limited storage capacity and lack flexible scaling options when it comes time to add more disk space.

License and management costs

Multi-site surveillance with Video Management System (VMS) software often comes with recurring license fees and additional hardware integration requirements.

A scalable, cost-effective total solution

Synology Surveillance Station is not only integrated and intuitive, but also runs on Synology storage servers, making it highly scalable. Chock-full of powerful monitoring and management features, it requires no recurring license fees. Browser, client, and app-based access lets admins monitor cameras and review footage from anywhere, while large-scale deployment is easy with free centralized management options. Integrated backup tools make it easy to keep your footage and assets safe.

Wide device support without vendor lock-in

Compatible with over 8,000 cameras from 140 brands, Surveillance Station integrates ONVIF Profile S for streaming and Profile G for edge storage.

Support for a wide variety of third-party devices, including I/O modules, door controllers, IP speakers, POS systems, and intercoms, lets you manage and control whole environments.

Wide device support without vendor lock-in

Flexible scalability for maximum storage efficiency

Synology NAS and NVR come in all shapes and sizes, from a 2-bay desktop unit to a rackmount server that can power 180 drives with seven expansion units. Best of all, you can flexibly expand your storage whenever you like to support more cameras or store more recordings.

You can keep footage for as short as you want or as long as you need with configurable retention policies. Archived recordings can be transferred to and from remote Surveillance Station servers using custom settings to optimize bandwidth use, and the intuitive Archive Vault tool helps you organize footage.

Flexible scalability for maximum storage efficiency

Central management console

With Surveillance Station Centralized Management System (CMS), businesses can manage up to 5,000 cameras and 300 NVRs across different locations from a single portal, at no extra cost.

N+M failover allows you to automatically or manually transfer services to a secondary device if a recording server becomes unavailable, reducing the risk of interruptions.

Central management console

Advanced security options

Flexible privilege settings in Surveillance Station let you set different access levels for different individuals

Built-in protection with AES-256 encryption, secure connectivity via HTTPS, and 24/7 system logging help you protect your privacy and data security.

Advanced security options

Surveillance on the go

Use the DS cam mobile app to keep an eye on your assets with live camera monitoring and video playback wherever you are, or set up push notifications to your device when pre-defined events occur.

Surveillance on the go

Looking for AI-powered analytic surveillance solutions?

Synology Deep Learning NVR makes video surveillance smarter

Synology Deep Learning NVRs offer more intelligent video analysis tasks. With the all-in-one Synology DVA3221, you can run several AI-powered real-time video analytics tasks at once, including facial recognition, people and vehicle detection, people counting, and intrusion detection.

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