The NIST Cybersecurity Framework2

Identify Protect Detect Respond Recover

5 Fundamental Stages to a Security Plan






Backups, Your Last Line of Defense

Every step of the framework is critical, but backing up and validating them ensures your business can recover quickly.

Synology's backup solutions help keep your data safe and secure across multiple platforms in your IT infrastructure.

Synology Active Backup for Business

Centralize backup tasks for Windows PCs/Servers, VMware and Hyper-V VMs, and file servers onto your Synology NAS.

Comprehensive Total Solution

Centralized management

Centralized management

Easily manage, deploy, and monitor all backup tasks from a single console. Take immediate action using notifications and scheduled reports.

Maximize efficiency

Maximize efficiency

Reduce time and storage needed for backup with incremental backups and global deduplication.

Recover fast

Recover fast

Flexible recovery options enable each protected service to be restored fast. Protected VMs additionally can be restored to Synology VMM.

No additional license fees

No additional license fees

Choose a compatible Synology NAS that fits your backup capacity planning. No matter how many computers, servers, or virtual machines you’re going to back up, it’s completely free of software licenses.


54% storage saved through deduplication

“Active Backup for Business has astonishing backup speeds and works wonders on deleting duplicate data – it only took up 28TB out of the total 58TB on the server. We are quite satisfied with the overall performance.”

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Build Out an Entire Backup Plan

In addition to protecting data stored on other devices, our replication and backup solutions help enable comprehensive protection for the data stored on the NAS.

  1. Hyper Backup

    Supports versioned backups to local and remote destinations, such as other Synology NAS, public clouds, through rsync, and to USB devices. Deduplication and data compression improve storage and bandwidth efficiency. Learn more

  2. Snapshot Replication

    Create near-instantaneous point-in-time backups using snapshots, with the option to replicate them to another Synology NAS. Supports fast self-service data recovery and flexible snapshot retention policies. Learn more


Data management across 70 countries

"Thanks to Synology's reliable and powerful solutions, UNESCO benefits from a unique infrastructure that spans across 70 countries worldwide, where virtual machines storage runs efficiently on iSCSI LUNs and can easily be backed up."

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