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11:00-11:30 am PT

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Learn how to prevent malicious logins, monitor vital systems for suspicious activity, and recover after a disaster with Synology Secure SignIn, Active Insight, and Immutable Snapshots.

  • Learn about 2FA for Synology systems
  • Get introduced to Active Insight for monitoring and activity alerts
  • Learn how to use immutable snapshots to give your system an unbreakable restore point
  • Watch a technical demo of Synology's systems
  • Participate in live Q&A
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IT managers, admins, business decision makers, resellers, integrators, and anyone interested in learning more about Synology's solutions for monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery.

World Backup Day is coming up, and IT managers everywhere are taking a moment to reconsider their systems. Is your company data secure? Do you have a good way to monitor your systems for potential issues? If disaster strikes, will you be able to recover?

Join us on March 20, 2024 for a webinar introducing you to security, device and file monitoring, and disaster recovery with Synology. We'll cover 2-factor authentication, Active Insight for device monitoring and activity alerts, and immutable snapshots for disaster recovery.

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