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11:00am - 12:00 pm

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Learn about how to back up vital data from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, and recover after data is lost or deleted.

  • Understand the policies for shared responsibility and why it's important to back up data in cloud services.
  • Explore common challenges of backup and recovery, and compare different strategies for recovering and storing data in VMs, cloud data, and on-premises systems.
  • Learn practical retention and backup strategies for data in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.
  • Participate in live Q&A
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Suited for...

EdTech Leaders, Heads of technology/CIO/CTOs, IT Coordinators and Technicians, Administrators, etc

Many Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace users assume that their data is automatically protected. However, major SaaS providers largely place the responsibility for securing data in the hands of the user. As schools face an ever-increasing risk of data loss from numerous sources -- accidents, natural disasters, malicious cyberattacks -- how do you ensure that your cloud data is safe?

This session will examine real-life data storage and backup challenges from other educational institutions. We’ll explore a variety of robust solutions to secure your school’s data and enhance governance and security -- while saving IT resources. Don't miss this learning opportunity to effectively safeguard your VMs, cloud data, and on-premises systems.

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James Cissel

James Cissel

Technical Account Manager at Synology


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