Strengthen business data protection with Synology backup solutions

Is your business data protection plan complete? New threats have become more notorious and are better crafted than ever. Having a reliable and well tested backup plan is absolutely critical.

Complete protection for all your digital assets

Synology’s Active Backup Suite ensures efficient backup and recovery of your entire deployment.

Windows and Linux PC backup

Achieve total protection of your workstations by backing up data, applications, and system settings.

Flexible recovery

Choose between bare-metal and file-level recovery methods with instant restoration to virtual machines.

Agentless backup

Connect to a file server through the SMB or rsync protocol and start creating backup tasks without installing an agent.

Flexible protection

Design the ideal backup plan for your business with multi-versioning, data mirroring, and incremental backups.

Simplified management

Enable continuous backup of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace accounts. Automatically detect and protect new Microsoft 365 accounts on the same domain.

Powerful recovery

Restore mailboxes, single emails, or files and folders while retaining original permissions.

Smart search

Retrieve emails, calendars, attachments, and contacts through simple keyword searches.

Modern data protection from Synology

Benefit your business by setting up an effective and long-term data protection plan with ease.

Simple solutions at a transparent price

Free of software licenses

Invest in hardware once and gain unlimited access to license-free backup solutions.

No limits on backups

Back up unlimited numbers of PCs, CPU sockets, and servers at no additional cost.

Simple solutions at a transparent price

Simple centralized management

One Console

Manage all backup tasks from a single, intuitive console and keep control over distributed deployments.

Scheduled reports

Stay informed on the status of your backup tasks with notifications and scheduled reports.

Simple centralized management

Maximize backup efficiency

Global deduplication

Save significant storage space by reducing identical blocks across devices, platforms, and versions.

Forever-incremental backup

Identify and transfer only changed blocks to reduce backup time and bandwidth.

Maximize backup efficiency

Smart versioning and easy browsing

Intelli-versioning technology

Synology's proprietary technology helps you keep only the most important backup versions.

Browse and restore historic versions

Use an easy-to-understand calendar to browse previous versions and download or restore data with just a few clicks.

Smart versioning and easy browsing

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Flexible replication topologies

Powerful data protection made even simpler

Not looking for an on-premises solution? Synology C2 cloud platform makes protecting your Windows infrastructure flexible and even more simple.

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