Petabyte Ready: Empowering Business Data with Synology’s Storage Solution

Join our informative session and learn how to manage, store and access massive volume of information efficiently and safely with Synology’s Petabyte storage solution.

Webinar Overview

Date & Time

Date & Time

19th June 2024 (Wed)
3:00pm-4:00pm MYT

Time duration

Time duration

45 minutes



IT managers, business owners, IT equipment evaluators or buyers


3:00 pm Enterprise storage market trend sharing
3:10 pm Advantages of Synology’s full range of mass storage
3:25 pm User case study sharing
3:35 pm Closing | Live Q&A

Can your storage meet your long-term data retention needs?

Traditional storage servers are not designed for long-term data storage, and the construction cost is difficult to meet the enterprise's IT budget planning. When future expansion is required, performance may be significantly impacted by the addition of multiple expansion cabinets.

If your organization is not sure how to evaluate imported storage equipment, you are welcome to register for free at the Petabyte Webinar on 6/19 (Wednesday) to discuss your needs with us.

Watch this seminar and you will learn:

  • How Synology helps you centrally store important operational data and improve data protection
  • How Synology helps you create a future-proof petabyte-level solution within a reasonable budget
  • How leading companies across industries enhance operational efficiency with Synology Solution



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