End identity chaos to prevent security risks and growing IT expenses

Date: 24th October 2023 (Tues)
Time: 11:00 HKT | 11:00 MST

In this webinar, we will address:

Edge server management icon

Edge server management

For organizations that manages multiple Synology NAS or Docker running on servers across sites, C2 Identity Edge Server application can be installed to convert them into edge servers to authenticate on-premise services.
One identity for all corporate resources icon

One identity for all corporate resources

C2 Identity can manage employee accesses to all corporate devices, cloud applications, and on-premise services through a single portal
Secure and simply life-cycle management icon

Secure and simply life-cycle management

IT admins can easily grant or revoke access to corporate resources with flexible access control, and even allowing users to reset their passwords, configure 2FA, and customize their profiles with self-service portal
Passwordless authentication icon

Passwordless authentication

C2 Identity allows users to sign in to corporate resources using approved sign-in method, and offline authentication even if the service goes offline

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IT managers, IT admins, IT decision makers, CIOs, Solution architects, resellers, system integrator, or anyone looking for IAM solutions

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Key takeaways:

  • Why Synology C2 Identity?
  • How do organizations manage edge servers or Synology NAS across site with C2 Identity?
  • What are some of the common use case scenario?


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