Enhancing Ransomware Resilience through Synology Active Backup

Date: 25th October 2023 (Tues)
Time: 13:00 AEST | 15:00 NZST

In this webinar, we will address:

Data security across platforms icon

Data security across platforms

As enterprises often implement IT infrastructure that allows them to use multiple platforms from which data is then stored across various endpoints. Active Backup allows users to centrally protect their cross-platform data to ensure their entire IT infrastructure is secure.
Guaranteed accuracy and availability of backups icon

Guaranteed accuracy and availability of backups

To ensure the availability and security of backup data, Active Backup comes with support for backup verification, immutable backup to prevent data tampering, as well as access controls to regulate which users can have permission to access the backup servers.
Data backup recoverability icon

Data backup recoverability

IT administrators can create a sandbox environment to conduct restoration drills. With Active Backup, we also offer diverse restoration options such as bare-metal, file-level, and P2V or V2V instant restoration, allowing organizations to select a recovery option that best meets their needs.
Management simplification with an all-in-one backup appliance icon

Management simplification with an all-in-one backup appliance

Synology offers integrated backup solutions by combining hardware and software that centralizes backup and restoration jobs and comes with an intuitive operating system. Not only does this significantly reduce the risk for ransomware attacks, it also eases the burden of IT personnel.

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IT managers, IT admins, IT decision makers, CIOs, Solution architects, resellers, system integrator, or anyone looking for ransomware recovery plan.

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Key takeaways:

  • The Common Blind Spots of Ransomware Attack : Analyze why some companies cannot avoid ransomware attacks even though they do data backup.
  • No 100% Way to Prevent Ransomware : What is the best practice of ransomware recovery, and how to build up the robust and reliable ransomware recovery backup plan with Synology all-in-one backup appliance.
  • Deep Dive into how Synology helps customer recovery from ransomware attack via real case study.


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