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Proper backup,
made simple and transparent

Backup solution licensing structures have always been overly complex with various schemes determined by variables like numbers of sockets, devices, and tasks performed. As a result, total cost of ownership becomes increasingly difficult to measure. Additionally, compatibility issues can arise from using software from different vendors. A great backup solution should be as transparent and simple as it can be.

Centralized backup management at no additional cost

Synology Active Backup for Business
Manage all your backup tasks through a Synology NAS with ease

Active Backup for Business at a glance

Centralized dashboard simplifying backup management

Full support for file servers, VMware, Hyper-V, Windows Server and PC backup. Easily manage, deploy, and monitor all your backup tasks through a single portal.


“Synology Active Backup for Business (ABB) allowed us to centralize a total of 126 VMs across our network of centres in APAC in a short period of time. With a 24x deduplication ratio, ABB successfully reduced the storage space by 96% with global deduplication, and most of all, it didn’t require any software license fee!”

Simple backup solution with transparent costs

With an ABB-supported NAS, users can fully enjoy backup features at no additional cost. Compared with other backup software, ABB can save up to 50% backup costs during the first year of deployment.

Simple backup solution with transparent costs

Free of software licenses

A one-time configuration fee to flexibly plan for your future IT expenses

Single Service Portal

Operate all your software and hardware services through a single portal

Diverse product lineup to meet the needs of different businesses

Synology offers a wide range of products, ranging from single drive solutions to petabyte-class systems.

Helping businesses resolve their backup pain points

“Active Backup for Business has astonishing backup speeds and works wonders on deleting duplicate data – it only took up 28TB out of the total 58TB on the server. We are quite satisfied with the overall performance.”

“Active Backup for Business, the complete, license-free solution, allows us to centralize and manage all the backup tasks from a single console. Fast and reliable recovery also ensures business continuity."

“A client-side backup software license in the market costs around NT$1,000, so we have to spend NT$100,000 every year for 100 PCs, and that will undoubtedly affect other important projects. By contrast, ABB does not require license fees and can centrally back up cross-platform data.”

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