Synology Hybrid Share Beta Program

Hybrid Share combines high-performance on-premises storage with unlimited, on-demand Synology C2 cloud storage.

  • During the Beta program, participants can:
    • Test drive Synology Hybrid Share with 1 TB of cloud storage
    • Create up to two Hybrid Share folders
    • Mount each Hybrid Share folder on up to five Synology NAS
    • Grant up to five DSM accounts direct access to Hybrid Share folders from Synology Drive
  • Hybrid Share is available on Synology NAS with DSM 7.0-41222 (Beta) or later
  • All data stored on Hybrid Share will be removed at the end of the Beta program
  • It may take five or more business days to process your registration request
  • Only accepted applicants will be notified
  • View release notes

Note: Synology Hybrid Share is not available in China