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Why use an integrated backup appliance?

Still purchasing software licenses to back up VMware virtual environments? When problems occur, it’s hard to tell whether you should seek help from software or hardware vendors, not to mention costly license fees. Why not get a solution that complements software with hardware such as Active Backup for Business (ABB)?

Do I need to pay for VM backup?

Other than spending large IT budget, buying licenses might cause the following problems:


Hard to find the right person for help

When backup tasks fail, software vendors might ask you to turn to hardware manufacturers, and then they start to pass the buck to each other. You never know when you can really solve the problem.


High costs and various billing methods

Backup software for VMs in the market can charge you based on the number of CPU sockets or VM hosts, let alone additional fees required for advanced features, which can be confusing and pricey.
Take backing up 5 VMs for example, ABB can save over 50% of deployment cost in the first year compared with purchasing software licenses.

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Less is more, you need the MOST cost-effective solution

ABB provides the agentless integrated backup appliance solution, backing up and centralizing all data and services on VMware virtual machines. You can solve all your pain points and avoid buck passing by different vendors while saving your storage space.
What’s more, it’s completely license-free!


Integrated support

Synology provides one-stop service that can solve your technical issues for both software and hardware at the same time, saving you time and effort needed when looking for different vendors.


Saving backup space and time

Worrying massive backup data might fill up your storage space? Global deduplication and CBT-based incremental backup greatly reduce storage space and backup time. SHISEIDO Taiwan successfully saved up to 54% of storage space with the global deduplication technology.


It’s free! No limitation for VM backups

Want to get rid of costly annual license fees to cut costs? Try license-free Active Backup for Business.You can back up unlimited number of VMs without any hidden cost. How to select a Synology product for Active Backup for Business


Integration with Virtual Machine Manager

Want to minimize service downtime? ABB supports Instant Restore to Vmware, and the integration with Synology Virtual Machine Manager allows you to restore services to your NAS when the main production environment is down – ensuring RTO in seconds.
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Centralized backup made easy

Active Backup suite can back up more than just VMs. It can also back up Windows, Office 365, and G Suite. Find out how to back up the following environments.

"After tests, we found Active Backup for Business has astonishing backup speeds and works wonders on deleting duplicate data — it only took up 28TB out of the total 58TB on the server. We are quite satisfied with the overall performance."

Zhang Jiao-Hao, Manager of Information System Planning Department at SHISEIDO Taiwan. Learn more

Applied models

Can’t wait to experience the powerful features in Active Backup for Business?
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