Central Workshop

April 14th, 2021 ‧ 10am CDT ‧ Virtual Workshop

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Webcast Agenda

10:00 AM CDT Parts I & II

Part 1 – Product Overview
Learn about the latest Synology hardware lineup.

Part 2 – File Server & Synchronization
Discover ways to regain order over data scattered across your organization. Learn strategies for central management and data backup across locations and businesses of any scale.
10:20 AM CDT Q&A
10:30 AM CDT Parts III & IV

Part 3 – Virtualization & Recoverability
Learn how to choose hardware to match specific needs at each business location. Dive into how to migrate virtual machines between platforms.

Part 4 – Customizing Surveillance Deployments
Walk through how Synology Surveillance Station can improve your business's scalability and day-to-day workflow. Examine the benefits of Synology as an NVR tool as well as backup and multi-site failover.
10:50 AM CDT Q&A
11:00 AM CDT Part V

Part 5 – Endpoint Ransomware Protection
Learn how to combat data loss from ransomware with Active Backup for Business, while streamlining user backups and recoverability. Explore cost savings from software licensing, reduced data footprint, and minimized IT workload.
11:25 AM CDT Q&A
11:30 AM CDT Part VI

Part 6 – Your Synology Hybrid Cloud
Learn why and how to integrate Synology C2 Cloud into your existing deployment for archival data. Then, examine features and demonstrations of DSM 7.0 to build a more efficient private cloud on premises and in C2.


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