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Email challenges for small businesses

Costly subscription renewals

SaaS platforms and cloud-hosted email offer small businesses convenience and scalability, but may cost more than they save in the long term. A fast-growing company will see annual subscription fees rise quickly. At 100 employees, your business may be looking at up to US$20,000 to renew its three-year subscriptions.

Data protection challenges

Third party service providers can gain access to cloud data if it is granted and authorized by users. Email usually contains extremely sensitive data, including customer and employee information. Deploying a trusted on-premise mail server with user friendly management applications and auditing tools is crucial for your company's growing needs for data privacy and regulatory compliance.

Scalability challenges drain resources

Stand-alone mail servers are an appealing option for many SMBs. However, many servers' limited scalability means as businesses grow, regulating mail use and setting policies to cope with growing data takes up increasing time and resources.

Synology MailPlus - Tailored for growing SMBs

Synology MailPlus is a scalable and secure on-premises mail server hosted on Synology NAS that is easy to manage, audit, and maintain.

Perpetual licensing means no renewals

Synology MailPlus licenses are valid perpetually and can be migrated to the next Synology NAS when it comes time to upgrade your mail server. Add licenses on demand and in small increments as your team grows.

Easily add storage and accounts

Start small and easily scale up your mail server as you go. Simply add drives and expansion units, or migrate your setup to a larger device. Synology NAS comes in desktop and rackmount form factors that support from 50 to thousands of simultaneous users.

Take ownership of your data

Storing all your email communications on a private on-premises server means you have full ownership of your data and full control over who has access. Powerful administration, logging, and auditing tools help you manage the flow of information.

Build a high-availability cluster

Combine two Synology servers into a high-availability cluster and let your active server failover to a standby server in case of downtime or performance issues. Ensure business-grade reliability with minute-level automatic failover and perform maintenance without interrupting services.

Web and app-based access anywhere

A webmail interface lets users send and organize emails, calendars, and contacts from any web browser. Android and iOS apps provide convenient access on the move for maximum productivity in and outside the office.

Protection against internet threats

Synology MailPlus shields users against malware and phishing content with ClamAV, McAfee, and Google Safe Browsing, and is DMARC compliant thanks to SPF and DKIM email authentication. Unwanted emails are weeded out with Rspamd spam filtering technology.

More than 877,000 users rely on MailPlus worldwide

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