Special Purchase

Do public cloud-based mail services really suit your needs?

With a cloud service already in place, is it necessary to put extra effort to set up a private one? Convenient as it is, a public cloud mail service is not the best option for businesses placing great emphasis on data safety, cost management, and managerial effectiveness.

But, do you really know what it is?

Before paying annual subscription fees, take a second and ask yourself the following questions.


Is it really safe to put your mails on the cloud?

Do you know as long as verified by Google, third-party application developers can
access Gmail whenever they want?


Are public cloud mail services really the cheapest solution?

Do you know you have to pay 15,000 USD for 100 accounts alone in just 3 years?


Settings that aren't granular enough causing you too much trouble?

Do you know one Gmail OU can only apply to one mail policy?

You need a mail solution that is private and cost-effective

You can gain full control over your data with minimum costs using the private mail server solution provided by Synology MailPlus. IT can monitor the status of mails with versatile management tools through the web browser interface.

Never compromise your privacy

Manage data, preserve privacy

Save your mails on a private mail server and never worry about being snooped by third parties. Supporting admin-defined keyword auditing, MailPlus offers watertight protection against the leakage of sensitive data.

Never bow down to price tags

Perpetual license with no loose ends

Synology MailPlus perpetual license sets you free from subscription fees. Compared to cloud-based mail services, MailPlus helps you save up to 60% of deployment fees in just 3 years with additional 10GB storage space. See the comparison table here.

All the management tools you need

Easily maintained with detailed permissions

With granular management permissions, MailPlus allows you to set different mail-sending rules for different users under the same OU. There is no need to create a new OU for those who need special permissions, thereby reducing the complexity of maintenance.

Covering every detail, all-round data safety


Seamless migration with privacy ensured

By integrating Gmail migration api, admins can migrate mail data painlessly from Google G Suite to MailPlus without the need to collect users’ credentials.


Seamless, cross-device user experience

Supporting web browsers and Android™, iOS devices, MailPlus allows you to continue unfinished work when switching between devices, presenting a seamless, consistent user experience.


No more malicious attacks

MailPlus integrates the well-known spam filtering system, RSPAMD and the antivirus software, McAfee, assuring you of robust cloud data protection even with a private mail server.


Come prepared and be well-served

Combine two Synology NAS servers into a high-availability cluster, and when the active server becomes unavailable, the passive server will automatically kick in to ensure uninterrupted mail services and maximum service uptime.


Communicate with no time difference, sync in time with no difference

With its intuitive web client and perfect integration with other collaboration packages such as Chat and Calendar, MailPlus enables employees to communicate and set up schedules across platforms, and thus boosts productivity. Learn how MailPlus integrates Chat and Calendar

Synology MailPlus is a web-based package supporting back-end AD integration, remote login maintenance, and simple backup configurations. Users can also restore accidentally deleted mails with ease. MailPlus just satisfies every email management need.

Technical support

Whenever you need technical support, all you need to do is contact Synology MailPlus exclusive service team. The team will always be there for you!

From now on, those who confirm their purchase after making inquiries about MailPlus will get a special offer on MailPlus licenses.

※ Note: This offer is currently available for the users in the Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan.