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Learn about how to quickly and easily recover vital files when PCs, servers, VMs, or SaaS go down.

  • Explore recovery options for VMs, PCs, servers, and SaaS
  • Learn how to spin up a PC as a VM for rapid file recovery
  • Investigate retention policies for SaaS data
  • Watch a technical demo of Synology's recovery solutions
  • Participate in live Q&A
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IT managers, admins, business decision makers, resellers, integrators, and anyone looking to learn how to effectively restore from backups.

Disaster recovery is an often-overlooked aspect of good IT housekeeping. Every IT manager knows that keeping complete backups is vital to prevent catastrophic data loss, but not many have a plan for what to once the worst has happened. When a VM host goes down, a server gets fried, or the CEO's laptop ends up at the bottom of a lake, do you know what you will do to keep business moving?

Join us on February 22, 2023 for a webinar introducing you to the restoration and disaster recovery available with Synology's backup solution. Explore recovery for VMs, PCs, servers, SaaS, and more!

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Hector Nielsen

Hector Nielsen

Technical Account Manager Synology Media and Entertainment Industry Team


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