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11:00am - 11:30 pm PT

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Using Synology Drive, ShareSync, and Hybrid Share to get the accessibility of cloud storage with the stability of on-site storage.

  • Setting up local and remote file access
  • Syncing files to different offices
  • Understanding login/security options
  • Understanding performance and capacity options of Synology solutions
  • Integration with existing account management.
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Heads of technology/CIO/CTOs, IT Coordinators and Technicians, IT managers, Administrators, home IT enthusiasts, and anyone interested in implementing file sharing and syncing solutions for their organization.

Every organization eventually finds themselves struggling to store and share large files. Team members demand that files be accessible from anywhere, but IT managers struggle with ever-increasing storage costs and security issues. Users need the ease of access of cloud storage, but IT managers want the speed, control, and economy of on-premises file storage.

This webinar will cover how you can create a high-speed, high-capacity private cloud with Synology. Get the connectivity and ease of access of a cloud solution with the security, economy, and control of a fully on-site storage solution.

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Kat Nil

Kat Nil

Technical Account Manager


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