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Discover the key elements for implementing a robust data protection strategy by incorporating three vital components: Access & Identity Management, Data Security Audit, and Disaster Recovery & Backup Plan.

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IT managers, admins, business decision makers, resellers, integrators, and anyone looking for data security solution.

The major causes of data loss include password attack, zero-day attack, malicious phishing emails, human error, and natural disasters, etc. A comprehensive enterprise data protection plan deployment must be able to prevent various risks that may cause data loss.

In this webinar, we will introduce the main components of three data protection strategies, help business to strengthen data security solutions, and build a complete secure data storage system.

  • Access & Identity Management — Safe and convenient data system access, strengthen centralized management of access au, and effectively improve the security of the data system.
  • Data security audit — Product security incident response team takes care of product security from product development, design, production to security maintenance. Even if zero-day vulnerability is found, it can be corrected in the fastest time.
  • Disaster recovery backup plan — Establish a disaster recovery gold framework through an all-in-one solution with efficient backup, data integrity, and flexible instant recovery.


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